Published date: June 28, 2024
  • Location: Denver City, Texas, United States


⭕ Thank you for looking at my post! So...heres the story! We recently acquired a 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee LTD with a 5.2 L V8 engine from a friend of ours. The Jeep only has 121,000 miles on it. It was sitting in our friends driveway for a couple years and we were looking for a 4WD vehicle so that our son who is a freshman at WSU could have a car at school that was good in the snow. Well just like a free pet there is nothing like a free car either! : ( Before we could even test drive the Jeep my husband and son had to install a new battery in it. We have an AWESOME mechanic that lives across the street from us (in a suburb 30 minutes east of Seattle) and he looked over the Jeep and did the following work before my son took it back to WSU after Thanksgiving break.

Front pads, rotors and calipers, two front axle shafts, oil change, a new belt (forget which one) and also did some work on the catalytic converter.

When my son had the car at school he started telling us that the car didnt want to go out of first gear. Lovely. It didnt seem to be a huge issue as he was driving it around and made it home for Christmas vacation but then the car started to have an issue with the radiator and I think it had a crack in it. So...our mechanic did the following work:

New radiator, lower hose, thermostat, gasket, three gallons of coolant, R/R clean out A/C condenser and O-rings and he topped off the transmission fluid (looks like he added one quart).

Unfortunately when the car had been sitting the sunroof also wasnt seated right so for probably a long time water was getting into it and as a result it had a moldy saggy headliner! We just got done replacing the entire headliner thanks to multiple trips to a wrecking yard near our house and handy work by my husband and son! The car is looking sharp right now in and out! Only 10,000 miles on the tires, too.

So...when I was driving the car with my husband and son I got to experience what the car was doing and will try and best describe it. When you first start going from stop whether from our driveway or at a stop sign or stoplight the car goes all the way to 3000 or 4000 RPMs and then eventually shifts up (or could it be down when it goes back to like 1000 RPMs?) In any case there is something going on and we have spent a lot of time online trying to diagnose it. My son went to a DIY garage near us and drained the transfer case and refilled it, my husband checked the TCU fuses and they were fine, and yesterday my husband and son removed and checked the speed sensor and that seemed okay.

In reading about the issue it sounds like there could be lots going on (governor sensor is something I have read about) and our awesome mechanic doesnt know that much about transmissions either but was willing to take a look at it next time our son comes home. When my son backed the car out of the garage this morning there was some transmission fluid that had leaked out but not a lot and it was clear red.

So...I have always had lots of luck with finding people looking for work and we have had mobile mechanics come to our house on many occasions, too. What we are looking for is someone who has a lot of knowledge about transmissions and can diagnose the problem and hopefully fix it if the price is reasonable. Our mechanic across the street works at a shop in Seattle but does work for extra money on the side so his hourly rate is MUCH cheaper than what we would pay at a shop and that is what we are hoping to find in the Pullman/Moscow area.

So...if you are that person looking for some extra work and think you can help us out please text or call me at I can then put you in touch with our son who is on his way back to Pullman as I am writing this ad in hopes that the two of you can connect. I know the area over there isnt that big and am sure my son could find a ride home from someone if you lived in Moscow although I know he really likes having a car at school! We will cross that bridge when we know what the problem is and how long it will take to fix and how much it would cost to fix it!

Thank you again for reading my lengthy story but I like people to get all the details up front!

Phone number ✆ +1 281-295-5828

Denver City, Texas

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