150.00 $ Varizoom VZ-Pro-L LANC Lens Zoom Controller For Canon And Sony Gardner

Published date: January 26, 2017
  • Location: Gardner, Kansas, United States

Varizoom VZ-Pro-L LANC Lens Zoom Controller For Canon And Sony

⭕ Varizoom VZ-Pro-L LANC Zoom Controller Canon Sony

Varizoom VZ Pro L camera zoom and record controller.

Works with most Sony and Canon video cameras. Excellent condition.

Only a few minor cosmetic blemishes due to occasionally rubbing against other equipment in the camera bags.

Photos are of actual items.

We have two avaliable for sale ($150 per unit).

Local cash only sale.

If this ad is still up, then the item is still for sale. We will remove this ad once the item has sold.

If you are interested, drop us an email with your name and telephone number and we will schedule a time so you can check it out.

Also, if you have any questions, feel free to drop us an email.


Variable Speed Zoom Dial
Pause/Record Function
Comfortable and Durable Foam Grip Handle
Zoom Rocker Switch
Quick Release Clamp System
Manual Focus


The following is some compatibility info in case you need it.

LANC/Remote Compatible Camcorders
(for Electronic AquaCam Housings)

LANC is a wired remote communication interface developed by the Sony Corporation and is found primarily on Sony camcorders and some Canon camcorders. LANC (or Remote) compatible camcorders have one of the following interface connectors:
1 (L). An older, 2.5mm mini-plug jack generally marked as LANC, REMOTE, L, or Control-L.
2 (R). A multi-function 10-pin terminal marked as A/V Remote (A/V-R) or sometimes A/V or A/V Out.
3 (for 2013-2014 Sony camcorders Only). Look for the Multi/Micro USB Terminal or Connector. The Multi designation includes LANC control capability on most 2013 and select 2014 models listed below. A Sony VMC-AVM1 adapter cable will convert the Micro USB to an A/V-R LANC interface (#2 above). Unfortunately, Sony consumer camcorders made in 2015 and later are not compatible with these interfaces or our housings.

Note: The following 2013-2014 Sony camcorders require a Sony VMC-AVM1 Adapter to mate with the A/V-R LANC controller interface: AX100, CX220, CX230, CX290, CX380, CX430v, CX900, PJ230, PJ380, PJ430v, PJ650v, PJ790v, PJ810

Both LANC interfaces are supported and available in our Electronic AquaCam HDX Video Housings. Refer to your camcorder users manual for LANC/Remote compatibility.

If you require compatibility with both types of connectors, there are LANC Adapter Cables available that will adapt a standard 2.5mm LANC mini-plug to the newer A/V-Remote 10-pin connector. They are available from studio1productions.com for about $29 USD (LANC Only) and $50 USD (LANC with AV output connectors).

When referring to Sony camcorder specifications for models prior to 2013, look for A/V Remote Terminal under Connections and/or Remote in the list of Functions on that A/V terminal. Unfortunately, Sony is not consistent in listing the Remote Function under the A/V Remote terminal, but the designation of Remote in the terminal name generally means the Remote Function is present. For 2013-2014 Sony camcorder models, look for the Multi/Micro USB Terminal or Connector. The Multi designation includes LANC control capability on most 2013 and select 2014 models listed above and below. A Sony VMC-AVM1 adapter cable will convert the Micro USB to an A/V-R LANC interface. Sony consumer camcorders made in 2015 are not compatible with these interfaces or our housings. Please dont hesitate to contact us regarding your camcorders compatibility with the Electronic AquaCam HDX. We are willing to determine Electronic Compatibility for you! You can also refer to the data and guide listing below.

Below is a guide listing of LANC/Remote Compatible Camcorder Models (HD/SD Digital and Analog) compiled from data gathered off the Internet. The very latest models may not be listed yet and the list may not show all compatible model numbers. This listing is sorted in alpha-numeric order and Sony camcorders are grouped by Series (i.e. HDR and DCR series).

HD and SD Digital Camcorders with LANC, Remote, or A/V Remote
Note: Camcorders with the A/V-Remote or the Multi/Micro USB terminal are listed below in Blue, and those with a 2.5mm LANC/Remote jack are listed in Black. Some larger camcorders are not included in the list because they are too large for the AquaCam HDX Standard and Custom Housings. Please contact Aquatix if you need assistance.

Canon (various formats) - 2.5mm LANC (Control-L) Only:

Elura, Elura 2 MC, Elura 40 MC, Elura 50
GL1, GL2
Optura, Optura 100 MC, Optura 200 MC, Optura PI
Vixia Series: HF-G10, HF-G20, HF-G30, HF-S20, HF-S21, HF-S30, HF-S200
ZR10, ZR20, ZR25 MC, ZR30 MC, ZR40 MC, ZR45 MC, ZR50 MC

Sony HDR and FDR Series (HD/UHD: High Definition):
A/V R LANC (blue), 2.5mm LANC (black)

Note: These 2013-2014 Sony camcorders require a Sony VMC-AVM1 Adapter
AX100, CX220, CX230, CX290, CX380, CX430v, CX900
PJ230, PJ380, PJ430v, PJ650v, PJ790v, PJ810

CX12, CX100, CX110, CX130, CX150, CX160, CX180, CX190, CX200. CX210, CX260v, CX300, CX350, CX360, CX500, CX520, CX550, CX560, CX580v, CX700, CX760v, CX900
HC1, HC3, HC5, HC7, HC9
PJ10, PJ30, PJ30v, PJ50, PJ200, PJ260v, PJ580v, PJ710v, PJ760v, PJ810
SR1, SR5, SR8, SR10, SR11, SR12
TD-10, TD20v (3-D camcorders)
UX1, UX5, UX7, UX10, UX20
XR100, XR150, XR160, XR200, XR260v, XR350, XR500, XR520, XR550

Sony DCR-Series (SD: Standard Definition):
A/V R LANC (blue), 2.5mm LANC (black)

DVD92, DVD100, DVD101, DVD103, DVD105, DVD200, DVD201, DVD203, DVD205, DVD300, DVD301, DVD305, DVD308, DVD403, DVD405, DVD408, DVD505, DVD508, DVD610, DVD650, DVD710, DVD810, DVD850, DVD910
HC16, HC20, HC21, HC26, HC30, HC32, HC40, HC42, HC52, HC62, HC65, HC85, HC90, HC96, HC1000
IP45, IP55, IP210, IP220
PC1, PC2, PC3, PC4, PC5, PC6, PC7, PC8, PC9, PC10, PC100, PC101, PC105, PC109, PC110, PC115, PC120BT, PC300, PC330, PC350, PC1000
SR45, SR47, SR60, SR62, SR65, SR66, SR67, SR68, SR80, SR82, SR85, SR87, SR88, SR100, SR200, SR220, SR220D, SR300
SX40, SX41, SX44, SX45, SX60, SX65, SX85, SX88
TRV5, TRV6, TRV7, TRV8, TRV9, TRV10, TRV11, TRV15, TRV16, TRV17, TRV18, TRV19, TRV20, TRV22, TRV25, TRV27, TRV30, TRV33, TRV38, TRV39, TRV40, TRV50, TRV70, TRV80, TRV85, TRV103, TRV110, TRV115, TRV120, TRV210, TRV230, TRV240, TRV310, TRV315, TRV320, TRV330, TRV340, TRV350, TRV350 D8, TRV510, TRV520, TRV525, TRV530, TRV720, TRV730, TRV740, TRV820, TRV830, TRV840, TRV900, TRV940, TRV950
VX700, VX7000

Sony HXR-Series (Pro-High Definition):
A/V R LANC (blue), 2.5mm LANC (black)


FYI: Old Analog Hi8 and 8mm Camcorders with LANC jacks

Most 8mm and older-model Hi8 camcorders manufactured by the following will likely have a standard LANC jack: Sony, Canon, Nikon, Ricoh, Hitachi, Yashika, Sanyo, Olympus, Blaupunkt, Grundig, Fujix, Kyocera, Siemens, Fisher, and possibly other makes.
Note: the most recent Hi8 camcorder models (manufactured until the mid 2000s) generally do not have a LANC jack.

SOURCE: http://www.aquatix.com/lanc_camcorders.htm)

Phone number ✆ +1 785-363-8225

Gardner, Kansas

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