75.00 $ Piano Tuning Lyndon

Published date: May 12, 2024
  • Location: Lyndon, Kansas, United States

Piano Tuning

⭕ Hello, I am Ryan LeGrand and I am a professional piano tuner providing service throughout the Pacific Northwest, Los Angeles, and British Colombia. I am based in the Willamette Valley and travel every two to three weeks. I strive to provide top-tier services at the most competitive prices.


Standard Tuning - $75
A routine tuning to keep your pianos sound clean, crisp, and in the best possible tone. Recommended annually and after moving.

Pitch Raise Tuning - $125
A piano that has not been tuned for several years or is significantly out of tune will require a pitch-raise and requires more time than the standard tuning.

Non-Standard Tuning - $150
Tuning the piano to a tuning system other than Equal Temperament or to a pitch other than A=440.


Surface Cleaning - $50
I clean the plate, soundboard, and pinblock, as well as the surface of the piano and keys. This cleaning does not involve removing and cleaning the action of the piano, or of cleaning the

Complete Cleaning - $150
This cleaning removes the action of the piano and completely cleans the action, keybed, keys, soundboard, plate, pins, bridge, and strings. This takes several hours and will bring a considerable amount of life back into the sound and appearance of an old, dirty piano.


Technical Work - $45 / hour
Such as fixing sticky keys, replacing strings, regulating the action, voicing the piano, replacing keytops, and other various services.

Voicing - $45/ hour
I build up tone; even out tone; reduce noises and mellow tone as necessary.

Minor Piano Regulation - $350
Adjusting the blow distance, let off, drop, back check, butterfly springs, and after touch set. Sequence refined on a second pass following after touch.

Complete Piano Regulation- $1,500 - $2,000
Cleaning of the sound board, plate, tuning pin area, and the interior of the piano.
String Preparation - Solid wire strings cleaned as well as possible and all strings seated at the bridge.
Preparation of the Key Frame - Polishing of front rail & balance rail pins, polishing of capstans & glides; smoothing of the underside of the frame.
Preparation of the Keys - Key bushings re-sized with VF-Profelt; key tops cleaned and sides of black shaps darkened.
Key Frame Bedding - Mating the key frame to the key bed and the application of dry Teflon to reduce friction.
Key Leveling - All keys leveled to the proper height, set with proper dip, and properly squared & spaced.
Hammer Preparation - Hammers reshaped, traveled, squared, spaced and fitted to the strings.
Alignments - Strings to hammers; whippens to knuckles; jacks in windows; jacks to knuckles; replever height; back checks to hammers.
Main Regulation Sequence - Blow distance, let off, drop, back check, butterfly springs, and after touch set. Sequence refined on a second pass following after touch.
Tune - Pitch set to A440 (if possible)
Voiced - Build up tone; even out tone; reduce noises and mellow tone as necessary.
Regulate Back Action - Check damper lift off key sticks; check damper timing and lift off tray; adjust lost motion in damper pedal.
Regulate Shift/Soft Pedal
Regulate Sostenuto Function and Pedal
Exterior of Piano Surface Cleaned & Final Cleaning of Key Tops


Q. How much do you charge for a sticky key?
A. My service for minor repairs on your piano is $45/hour plus parts. If I tune your piano, I do not charge for minor repairs unless I have to remove the action to repair it or if it takes me more than 20 minutes to repair.

Q. I have been told that I need new strings on my piano, how much does that cost?
A. When restringing a piano there are two things to consider. First is if the piano is worth it. If the piano is a high quality piano, it would be worth the expense. If the piano has sentimental value then you have to consider whether it is worth the expense. For instance, if the piano is an heirloom and is likely to be passed to other members of the family.
Second to consider is, does it need both treble and bass strings to be replaced or does it just need the bass strings to be replaced. Bass strings become dead from temperature and humidity changes. They also collect dust in the windings. If your bass sections sounds like a dull thud, more than likely the bass section needs to be replaced.
I recommend that the piano be completely restrung, both treble and bass strings as this will give a more beautiful sound to the piano. The tuning pins are typically replaced at the time of restringing.
The cost of a complete restringing on a piano is between $850 - $1200.

Q. What if I have broken hammers. How can they be replaced?
A. If a hammer breaks on your piano, save it. It is best to place it somewhere inside the piano, as it will easily become lost, or you will forget where you put it. I can usually repair the broken hammer in your home. Before I take the action I will inform you as to the estimated expense of repairing the action.

If all the hammers need to be replaced, the cost is $600 dollars. It usually takes several weeks to replace hammers as each hammer is taken out of the action and is handled separately.

Q. Is it possible to replace all the keytops on my piano?
A. Yes, it is possible to replace the keytops on your piano. The new keytops will be of plastic, however, new keytops will greatly improve the looks of your old piano.

Q. The last time my piano was tuned I was told that the tuning pins are loose. Is there anything that can be done for my piano?
A. There are two ways to tighten the tuning pins on your piano. The process of doping the pins. This process is to lay the piano on its back and put a solution of Cyanoacrylate around the tuning pins. The piano lays on its back for about 30 minutes, then the piano is set up and tuned. Cyanoacrylate causes the wood to swell around the pins thus tightening them. Secondly, if the piano is restrung and new pins are installed the technician will replace the pins with a larger diameter pin.

Q. Where is the best place to put my piano in my home?
A. It was commonly thought that a piano should be placed on an inside wall. With modern houses that are insulated properly this should not be a problem. The piano should not be placed near any heat and A/C vents, or anywhere near moving air.

Q. How long does it take to tune my piano?
A. It usually takes about 2 hours. There are some considerations involving the amount of time to tune a piano. If the piano needs minor repairs, the amount of time will increase.

It will also take extra time if the pianos pitch is lower than A-440. It takes an extra hour to do a pitch raise.


Ryan hugged my piano with love, spending close to 3 hours with high tech instruments and a precise ear. Much like the piano he was tuning, Ryan showed up on time and performed his work diligently and with determination. Whats more, he took the time to explain this most marvelous process patiently and affectionately. After the job was done he didnt just close the piano and leave. No! He offered to play a few of my favorite tunes, sight reading difficult foreign pieces, and
endearing my already beloved piano to me, so much so that Ive extended him an invitation to come and play again (for pay of course). I would highly recommend Ryan without any reservation!
-N. Yacoby

I contacted Ryan LeGrand after seeing his piano tuning services online; I was impressed by the professionalism he presented himself and decided to contact him. He responded the phone cordially and he was very honest and humble about his services and was very flexible to meet me. He was very respectful and trustworthy from the get go. After a quick evaluation, he confirmed that a pitch raise was required, as I had suspected. He started the work immediately and finished it in the agreed timeframe, validating the tuning with a fine piano piece that he performed flawlessly. I am a Lead Design Engineer and a Film Composer, and value Ryans attitude and work ethic with great
-J. Elola

This comes to you with my firm trust that you are considering one of the best choices in piano tuners I have encountered in my 35 years of musical experience. Several months ago, having moved into a new home, I was in need of a fresh tuning on my baby grand piano. Not having been greatly impressed by the various experiences I had had with other local tuners in the last 10 years, I decided to dig deeper in my research. To my surprise while searching the Internet, a humble post surfaced from a Willamette University music major offering affordable piano tuning. Immediately, I followed up and contacted Ryan to engage his services. Of course the rest of the story is a new friendship and a great sounding grand piano. In my assessment, Ryan LeGrand is a multi-talented, hard-working young man, skilled in various musical instruments, a professional who will meet and exceed your expectations.
-D. Hoover

For more information or to schedule an appointment: call, text, email, or visit my website at:
Website: www.rlegrandmusic.com

Phone number ✆ +1 785-579-2530

Lyndon, Kansas

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