2200.00 $ Amazingupsale2O13 Polaris Ranger LE XP 900 EFI Mystic

Published date: February 22, 2017
  • Location: Mystic, Georgia, United States

Amazingupsale2O13 Polaris Ranger LE XP 900 EFI

⭕ 2013 Polaris Ranger Limited Edition XP 900 EFI, 4x4, Orange Madness . 3 passenger, full size, 2502mi/228hrs. Great condition, runs and drives excellent , very clean and well kept.* Priced @ $2,200
For more info : bren77.camb@gmail.com
Hey, Why spend money if you dont have to??? Simple question, right? We can do so much more to reduce/re-use/recycle and save money for critical expenses if we promote the forgotten art of Bartering. • I realize you may not be interested in any/all these items, but feel free to forward to any friends, family, etc. if you hear or think of anyone or know they might be interested. • Cash values given for items as new and to give approximate trade values. • Pics (attached) and corresponding description of items for sale/barter for what you have: 1. Steel-skin front door (as it was mounted on my old apartment, with locks in the pic, but no locks, hinges, or doorknob included). Height: 79 to 80 Width: 36 $220.00 new, asking $115.00 cash ($150 to $175 trade). 2. Item sold. 3. Howard Leights Leightning ear-muffs. Offers superior protection against hearing damage due to excessive noise at workplace, garage/workshop, outdoors sports activities, etc. Steel wire protection, lightweight, and collapses for easy transport and storage. NOTE: These are non-electronic or passive protection, with 23 NRR. Retails for $20, asking $15 (cash) or $20 in trade value. 4. Rubbermaid mailbox w/post (you can also see the steel door behind an old glass door in the pic). Similar model w/post at Lowes will cost you at least $85.00. Asking $50.00 (cash or trade value). 5. Lightly used high quality carpet purchased from Lowes. Considered 15 year to 20 year durability, this carpet was used only a couple of years before I had to move recently. Very soft, warm earth tone (I think was called Dove Beige) and very attractive, soothing to come home to. I had a professional contractor cleanly cut and roll up the largest single section, measuring about 9 ft. 2 inches wide by 26 feet long (about 240 sq. ft.). I also have a couple of strips measuring about 1.5 ft. to 2 ft. wide by 10 feet long (another 20 sq. ft. or so). Any professional carpet installer can re-seam pieces and/or add to this if you buy more of the same (to connect hallway or rooms, for example). This carpet can still be purchased today at Lowes so you can match up and complete other rooms with the exact same style, color, and depth. If you buy this exact same carpet new at Lowes, itll run you $3.17 per sq. ft. (with the pad), so youd pay at least $800.00, not including labor to install. Its been stored since rollup (not exposed to weather or anything). Just look at the pics please so you can see how clean this carpet is and the quality. This isnt shag depth, but its much, much better than what youll typically find in a motel, hotel, and many homes; and feels awesome beneath your feet. Heck, I used to lay down to read and take a nap on it, no problem! Asking $300.00 OBO (cash or trade) for this carpet--about 1/3 of the retail price, so you can save a lot of money, and it still looks awesome! 6. Item sold. 7. Fishing Pole in excellent, like new condition! Ill have to check on the rod brand, but the reel is Daiwa Silvercast 120 Spincasting type. Line is 12 lb up to 100 yards. Drag adjustments (+ and -), and beautiful rod condition with no broken or missing eyes. I paid about $115.00 for this setup when new. Asking $50 (cash or trade value). 8. Item sold. 9. Item sold. 10. Item sold. 11. Action Comics #347 - 80 Page Giant (#G33), several Supergirl stories (Bizarro Supergirl, Origin of Super-Horse, Origin of the Supergirl Emergency Squad, etc.). In VG/F condition (probably 6.5 to 7.0 overall). Completed Ebay listings vlaue this issue up to $25.00, asking $15.00 OBO (or $20.00 trade value). 12. Avengers Annual #10 - First appearance of Rogue! Early X-Men vs. Avengers fight! In VF+/NM condition (probably 9.5 overall). Completed Ebay listings value this issue up to $150, asking $125 OBO (or $150 trade value). 13. Daylight/movement sensor lantern style, nickel color porch/security light, with various settings to customize how you want to use it (e.g., dusk sensing, always on). Asking $35.00 (or $50.00 trade value). 14. Neat end table/nightstand in great condition. Has door with large storage area, magazine rack on side, plus slide-out extra platform for quick note-taking, drink holder (with coaster! or else itll warp), etc. Strong, heavy construction. $45.00 (cash or trade value). 15. Antique wardrobe w/ internal garment rack and shelves. Sorry, I dont know anything about the manufacturer or craftsman, age, etc. but really clean, nice Art Deco design. Ive been told this is made of Burl wood, very rare and difficult to work with, so definitely high quality (i.e., needing experienced hands to build). NOTE: there is a tiny keyhole, but theres no key and really not sure if theres a lock inside. Im sure this could be replaced with OEM or something modern/functional. Overall, the wardrobe is in excellent shape for its (estimated) age! Perfect size for your Winter jackets, athletic wear, special Mil uniforms, etc. Antique dealer appraised at somewhere between $800 and $1200, asking just $600.00 OBO! 16. Metal rack to hold laundry basket. Very simple design, expands open. Fits a bit better with rectangular baskets but will hold circular ones if not too small. Very handy so you dont have to bend over, reach down to grab things for line drying, or can be used in a laundry room for same benefit. $5.00 cash ($10.00 trade). 17. Item sold. 18. Electrolux clock/control panel overlay compatible with multiple electric ranges: Frigidaire, Westinghouse, Gibson, etc. New in package, never used, believe it or not but costs $85.00 new, will trade for ??? or make any offer at all if you can use it! Great if you have an appliance business! 19. Dryer Cord (like new), Heavy Duty (30 Gage, 10-Amp), 6 feet long. These cost $25 each new, asking $10 Cash (or $15 trade value). 20. Old art print View from Nelsons Seat with byline Published by S. Bridgeman, May 1739. There is also another very old art print of a Cathedral in original frame. I can email an additional pic showing the signature which I cant read (too artsy). Again, in need of appraisal; and I can email the few pics I have. 21. Several Atari 2600 cartridges. All like new, some with original instruction manuals/booklets. A few of these are difficult to find. Value depends on cart. Prefer to sell/trade as a package. Asking $50.00 OBO cash ($70.00 trade value). 22. A few DVDs (Casino Royale, Hulk, etc.). $5 each. WHAT I NEED (in order of importance): 1. Money (of course) ... TRADE ITEMS: 1. Replacement MOBO (motherboard) for an HP tx2z convertible laptop/tablet PC. Im not sure if upgrade is possible, but at least the correct compatible MOBO (which can be looked up by serial number), and Im told my existing processor can be reseated on the new board. Its really not even a MOBO issue, but the integrated graphics card is shot and so the whole board has to be replaced. 2. Set of NEW Kumho tires (235/65R18 is OEM size, will consider other, close size if specified by Nissan as compatible). Will also consider Goodyear (e.g., Assurance ComforTread). Just need the tires; Ill take care of installing them (unless you actually manage a Discount Tire, NTB, or similar professional tire shop). If I cant find what I actually need, Id also consider: 3. Class 2 (or 3?) towing receiver, mount, tail-light wiring harness, tongue, and ball compatible for 2009 Nissan Murano (has to be pretty specific setup, but somewhere in 1500 to 3000 towing range), in case you know anyone who runs trailer/truck shop. 4. Unique camping/survival gear items, such as micro-tents, food and water preservation gear, anything that can reduce weight and perform vital tasks. Unique strange tactical or otherwise highly desirable military technology, tools, ballistic helmet (high-cut like more recent Special Forces type with clean liner, adjustment straps, and rails for NODS), etc. Just let me know what you have. 5. Legos! Legos! Legos! As many as possible, but preferably with neat sets, interesting pieces, all the jewels, minifigs, tools, etc. (not just basic bricks, but still need tons of those, sure). 6. Old timey style Coke Machine to dispense 12 oz. glass bottles. Doesnt have to be big one, more like 4 feet tall (half size for my garage) or smaller, refrigerated cooler. There used to be some with small vertical door which opened after you paid, then you drag Coke out of one of the racks, and included a bottle opener on the machine. Something like that : ) 7. Cello (preferably 3/4 size, not so huge! but will take 4/4 size if thats what you have) in excellent condition to learn and play. 8. Laundry folding table. Prefer one just like at the laundromat, with large surface area (4 ft to 5 ft long, 3 feet depth), and tall (at least waist-height, about 3.5 ft to 4 ft tall). Anything of decent quality or interesting adaptation for this purpose, but no flimsy, particle wood, or plywood junk please. 9. Good quality, dedicated video camera (i.e., not SLR with video option). Prefer Sony, Samsung, GoPro, or Canon. Doesnt have to be the latest 4080p or whatever, but not too old either. Nice options would be weatherproof/underwater use, night-vision, HD, thermal/infrared, etc. 10. Great performance chainsaw. Prefer Husqvarna, Craftsmen, or maybe DeWalt. No Poulan, Ryobi, or Echo (or any cheaper brand). Size (length) of 20 to 26 bar (no smaller). Must be very durable, clean, low use, with good parts and reliable. 11. Decent sized generator to run a household in case of storm, probably 7000 to 8000 Watts, with a few 110 and 220 outlets. Not sure if gas or diesel is better (advice welcome). Prefer Honda, Generac, or Briggs & Stratton

Phone number ✆ +1 762-539-2149

Mystic, Georgia

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