1.00 $ Computer Software For Sale Corcoran

Published date: May 3, 2017
  • Location: Corcoran, California, United States

Computer Software For Sale

⭕ Computer software for Pick-5, Pick-6, PowerBall, and MegaBall lottery games:


Many people who play Pick-5, Pick-6, or, in general, Pick-K lottery games where each
independent drawing consists of the random selection without replacement and without
regard to order of K numbers, are unaware of the fact that certain groups of combinations
offer statistical advantages compared to other groups of the same size. For example, if you
wanted to purchase 10 tickets for the Virginia Pick-5 game (the maximum lottery number
in this case is currently 34), then it would be to your advantage, as far as the probabilities
of a 4 - and a 3 - number win are concerned, to play the 10 combinations that appear below
under the heading of Group 1 instead of those that comprise Group 2; the likelihood of a
5 - number win is the same for each group of 10 Pick-5 combinations. Consequently, you
would be getting more bang for your buck, so to speak, if you spent your money on the
combinations in Group 1 rather than those in Group 2.

Group 1:

01 10 15 18 25
02 06 23 26 28
02 07 16 24 25
04 07 19 30 31
05 11 14 23 25
05 11 21 22 25
06 19 26 29 34
09 18 19 22 24
13 16 22 25 33
19 20 26 29 32

Group 2:

01 02 04 13 16
01 13 18 23 28
02 03 05 07 26
05 06 08 13 34
06 07 19 22 23
06 08 13 24 34
06 12 14 24 28
08 10 14 25 33
10 11 15 20 32
18 23 27 28 33

It is not readily apparent that Group 1 provides the greater advantage. Actually, there are many
groups containing exactly 10 combinations that are statistically more favorable than Group 1.
Some software that I have written (see the following description) can help you optimize your
ticket purchases for almost any Pick-5, Pick-6, PowerBall, or MegaBall lottery game. The
programs generate wheels, or groups of combinations, that can increase, without additional cost,
the conditional probability of various win scenarios. The programs also tabulate post-draw win
results for the Pick-5, Pick-6, PowerBall, and MegaBall games.

Program Features:

1.) The programs display and analyze user- and computer-generated wheel systems for Pick-5,
Pick-6, PowerBall, and MegaBall lottery games.

2.) The display may be complete (consisting of up to 3 and up to 4 separate listings for the Pick-5
and Pick-6 games, respectively, and up to 11 separate listings for the PowerBall and MegaBall
games) or partial (restricting the display to any one of these listings).

3.) The display includes a summary of the conditional probabilities and winnings associated with a
selected listing.

4.) The programs offer balanced and unbalanced wheel options.

5.) The programs can generate wheels of a given size that may be regarded, based upon the odds
associated with each win scenario (Pick-5 and Pick-6 games) or upon the probabilities produced
for a particular scenario (PowerBall and MegaBall games), as the best of the generation attempts.

6.) The programs enable the user to create, append, and delete Pick-5, Pick-6, PowerBall, and
MegaBall combination files.

7.) Post-draw win results are tabulated for the Pick-5, Pick-6, PowerBall, and MegaBall games.
In particular, the winning lottery numbers are compared to each combination in a selected file,
identifying those combinations that correspond to a given win scenario. If the cash option has
been chosen, the payoff associated with the selected group of combinations will be calculated.

The programs make only one assumption, that the Pick-5, Pick-6, PowerBall, or MegaBall
game youre playing is fair (the supposition that there is no inherent bias in the manner in which
the winning lottery numbers are chosen precludes the possibility of so-called hot numbers). Of
course, just because a game is fair does not mean that it is equally favorable to all parties. The
agencies in charge of the lotteries manipulate the games and the payoffs to their distinct advantage.
This is accomplished in several ways: by selecting large maximum lottery numbers that greatly
decrease a players chances of winning; by deferring or significantly reducing payouts to jackpot
winners; and by offering payouts to non-jackpot winners that are much smaller and incommensurate
with the one-play odds for those particular scenarios.
My programs can provide some help in improving your chances of obtaining a non-jackpot win for
almost any Pick-5, Pick-6, Powerball, and MegaBall game. Keep in mind, however, that the only way
to increase your odds of winning a Pick-5, Pick-6, PowerBall, or MegaBall jackpot (or the jackpot for
any similarly designed Pick-K game) is to buy more tickets.

The lottery programs( there are a total of 9 executable files) are available on a 3.5, 1.44 MB diskette.
Copy protection software that is present on the diskette cannot be replicated on a cd. To install the
programs the diskette must be inserted into your computers A drive. Accompanying batch files
require DOS 3.30 or greater. Output is directed to the printer via the parallel port LPT1. Note that
computers with older operating systems such as Windows 98 Second Edition and a 3.5 floppy drive,
on which my lottery software can be easily installed and run, are still available and very inexpensive.

Price: $20 for the lottery software


Using the software described above, I have compiled groups of 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30
Pick-5 combinations for the Virginia Cash 5 game that may be regarded in each case, based
upon probability criteria, as the best of 200,000 computer generations. A printout of these 5 -,
10 -, 15 -, 20 -, 25 -, and 30-combination groups for the Cash 5 game, including all possible win
scenarios, probabilities, and payoffs associated with each group, consists of 8 pages.

Price: $10 for the Cash 5 printout. If you purchase the diskette containing the lottery software, I
will include the Virginia Cash 5 printout free of charge.

To purchase the lottery software and / or the Cash 5 printout, call or text me at (four two three)
two seven six - eight two four seven. Leave a message, including your name and phone number,
and Ill return your call as soon as I can. Thanks.

Phone number ✆ +1 626-826-5173

Corcoran, California

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