700.00 $ 750+ Comic Books Berkeley

Published date: April 4, 2017
  • Location: Berkeley, Missouri, United States

750+ Comic Books

⭕ The collection is in long boxes. The comic books are in alphabetical order. Every comic book is bagged and boarded, with the year and condition indicated at the top of the bag.

No individual books sold please. I want to sell the entire collection at once. The total book value of the collection is over $4,000.00.

1001 Arabian Nights The Adventures of Sinbad92009VF+VF/NM ?$1.00
Action Comics3961971VF-$16.00
Action Comics3971971FN/VF$14.00
Action Comics3981971FN/VF$14.00
Action Comics4031971VF-$16.00
Action Comics4121972VF$19.00
Action Comics4161972VF$9.00
Action Comics4331974VF$8.00
Action Comics4341974FN/VF$7.00
Action Comics4441975VF-$7.00
Action Comics4451975FN/VF$7.00
Action Comics4461975VF$8.00
Action Comics4521975VF-$3.00
Action Comics Annual21989VFPerez cover/art (inks)$2.00
Adventure Comics 4041971VF$17.00
Adventures of Superman4241986VF+Ordway cover/art; Wolfman story$2.00
Adventures of Superman5962001VFAftermath of War crossover has panel showing damaged World Trade Center buildings; issue went on sale the day after the 9/11 attack.$4.00
Alien Worlds21983VFDave Stevens cover/art$4.00
Aliens vs Predator11990VF+Painted cover; 1st printing$7.00
Aliens vs. Predator01990FN/VF$5.00
Alpha Flight1201993VF+Polybag and Paranormal Registration Act poster included$2.00
Amazing Spider-Man 2001980VF-Giant Origin issue; death of the burglar$18.00
Amazing Spider-Man nn1980VF-Aim Toothpaste Give-away; one page origin recap; Green Goblin cover/story$8.00
Amazing Spider-Man 2641985VF+$5.00
Amazing Spider-Man 3121989VFHobgoblin battles Green Goblin$13.00
Amazing Spider-Man 3141989VF+$11.00
Amazing Spider-Man 3151989VFVenom appearance$15.00
Amazing Spider-Man 3211989FN/VFPaladin & Silver Sable appearance$5.00
Amazing Spider-Man 3651992VF30th anniversary issue with silver hologram on cover; Spidey/Venom/Carnage pull-out poster; contains 5-page preview of Spider-Man 2099 (1st appearance); Spideys origin retold; Lizard appearance; reintro Peters parents in Stan Lee 3-page text.$10.00
Amazing Spider-Man 3651992VF+30th anniversary issue with silver hologram on cover; Spidey/Venom/Carnage pull-out poster; contains 5-page preview of Spider-Man 2099 (1st appearance); Spideys origin retold; Lizard appearance; reintro Peters parents in Stan Lee 3-page text.$12.00
Amazing Spider-Man 3651992VF+30th anniversary issue with silver hologram on cover; Spidey/Venom/Carnage pull-out poster; contains 5-page preview of Spider-Man 2099 (1st appearance); Spideys origin retold; Lizard appearance; reintro Peters parents in Stan Lee 3-page text.$12.00
Amazing Spider-Man 3751993VF+Holo-grafx foil cover; versus venom story$7.00
Amazing Spider-Man Annual141980VFMiller cover/art (pencils); Dr. Strange appearance$14.00
Angela11994FN/VFGaiman scripts and Capullo cover/art; Spawn appearance$4.00
Aquaman11994VFPeter David Script; reintro Dolphin$4.00
Arak Son of Thunder11981VF+First appearance Angelica, Princess of White Cathay$2.00
Arak Son of Thunder21981VF-$1.00
Archie and the History of Electronicsnn1990VFRadio Shack; Bender cover/art$5.00
Archie at Riverdale High91973VF$11.00
Archie at Riverdale High141974VF+$9.00
Archie at Riverdale High161974VF$8.00
Archie at Riverdale High181974VF$8.00
Archie at Riverdale High201974VF-$7.00
Archie at Riverdale High271975VF$8.00
Archie at Riverdale High281975VF$8.00
Archie at Riverdale High291975VF+$9.00
Archie at Riverdale High331976VF+$7.00
Archie at Riverdale High351976VF$6.00
Archie at Riverdale High371976VF-$5.00
Archie at Riverdale High411976VF$6.00
Archie at Riverdale High431977VF$6.00
Archie at Riverdale High441977VF$6.00
Archie at Riverdale High451977VF+$7.00
Archie Gets a Jobnn1977VF$13.00
Archies Clean Slatenn1973FN/VF39-cent edition$11.00
Archies Joke Book1321969FN/VF$8.00
Archies Joke Book1341969VF-$10.00
Archies Love Scenenn1973FN/VF39-cent edition$8.00
Archies One Waynn1973FN/VF35-cent edition$11.00
Archies Pals and Gals631971FN/VF$13.00
Ares32006VF+Oeming story; Foreman art$1.50
Armageddon 200111991VF+First printing; features many DC heroes; Intro Waverider$3.00
Astonishing Tales61971FN/VFRed Skull story$17.00
Astonishing Tales191973VFStarlin art (pencils)$6.00
Avengelyne11995VFPhoto cover newsstand version; photo poster included$4.00
Avengers Unplugged11995VF+$1.00
Azrael Annual11995VF+$2.00
Babylon 511995VF-$7.00
Babylon 511995VF+$9.00
Babylon 571995VF$4.00
Barney Bear Wakes Upnn1977VF-$8.00
Baseball Legends Comics81992VF+$3.00
Baseball Superstars Comics141993VF+$3.00
Baseball Superstars Comics141993VF+$3.00
Batman3321981FN/VFCatwomans first solo$8.00
Batman3801985VF+Catwoman appearance$5.00
Batman4141987VF+Starlin script$4.00
Batman and Robin23.32013VF+3D cover; Ras al Ghul #1 on cover; history of Ras retold$4.00
Batman and the Outsiders11983FN/VF$2.00
Batman Annual191995VF+Retells Scarecrows Origin$2.00
Batman Beyond Special Origin Issuenn1999VF+Promotional reprint of #1$1.00
Batman Full Circlenn1991VF$5.00
Batman Gotham by Gaslightnn1989VF-Elseworlds; Mignola art / Augustyn story$5.00
Batman Grendel11993VFDevils Riddle; Batman versus Hunter Rose; Matt Wagner cover/art/scripts$5.00
Batman Legends of the Dark Knight Annual11991VF-Joker appearance$1.00
Batman The 10-cent Adventurenn2002VF+This was the first 10-cent comic book in 40 years, and the best selling American comic book of 2002.$3.00
Batman The 10-cent Adventurenn2002VF+This was the first 10-cent comic book in 40 years, and the best selling American comic book of 2002.$3.00
Batman The Blue, the Grey, and the Bat1992VF$5.00
Batman The Official Comic Adaptation of the Warner Bros Motion Picturenn1989VF+$4.00
Betty Page The 50s Ragenn1993VF+$1.00
Black Hole11980VF-Movie adaptation$8.00
Black Hole31980VFMcWilliams art; Photo cover$9.00
Blackthorne 3-D Series201987VF+G.I. Joe in 3-D #1; 3D glasses not included$9.00
Blue Beetle11986VFOrigin retold; intro Firefist$3.00
Brave and the Bold1671980VFGolden age Batman/Blackhawk; Origin Nemesis $4.00
Butcher Knight12000VF+Sketch cover$1.00
Butcher Knight42001VFDwayne Turner cover/art$1.00
Captain America1231970FN/VF$15.00
Captain America1251970FN/VFMandarin appearance$15.00
Captain America1261970FN/VF$15.00
Captain America1411971VFLast Stan Lee issue$17.00
Captain America1451972FN/VFCap vs. the Supreme Hydra$11.00
Captain America1491972FN/VF$11.00
Captain America1501972FN/VF$11.00
Captain America1521972VF+Cap vs. Mr. Hyde$17.00
Captain America1561972VF-Cap vs. the 1950s Captain America; Jack Monroe appearance; classic Cap-vs-Cap cover$14.00
Captain America1621973FN/VF$7.00
Captain America1651973FN/VFCap vs. Yellow Claw$7.00
Captain America1661973FN/VFCap vs. Yellow Claw$7.00
Captain America1691974VF-Vs. original Moonstone$8.00
Captain America1711974VFBlack Panther appearance$12.00
Captain America2491980VF+Byrne art$7.00
Captain America2611981VFRed Skull appearance$3.00
Captain America2911984VF+$2.00
Captain America4001992VF-Flip book format with double gatefold cover; contains cover pinups$4.00
Captain America4001992VFFlip book format with double gatefold cover; contains cover pinups$5.00
Captain America4251994VF$1.00
Captain America Annual81986VFWolverine cover/story$19.00
Captain America Annual101991VF-Origin retold$1.00
Captain Atom21987FN/VF$1.00
Captain Atom21987VF+$1.00
Captain Canuck131981VF$4.00
Captain Canuck Summer Special11980VF$4.00
Captain EO 3-Dnn1987VF-Eclipse 3-D Special #16; Michael Jackson cover/appearance; 3D glasses included$10.00
Captain Marvel411975VF-$7.00
Captain Marvel441976FN/VFRegular 25-cent edition$7.00
Captain Marvel451976FN/VFRegular 25-cent edition$7.00
Captain Marvel461976FN/VF$7.00
Captain Marvel471976FN/VF$7.00
Captain Marvel481977FN/VF$7.00
Captain Marvel491977VF-Starlin and Weiss pencils assist$7.00
Captain Marvel521977VF-Regular 30-cent edition$7.00
Captain Marvel611979VF$8.00
Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future11988VF+Cover 1A (newsstand version); Neal Adams cover/layouts/inks$1.00
Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future11988VF+Cover 1A (newsstand version); Neal Adams cover/layouts/inks$1.00
Captain Sternn Running Out of Time11993VF+Regular cover; Berni Wrightson cover/art/scripts$4.00
Catwoman11993VF-Embossed cover; Bane appearance; Balent cover$3.00
Catwoman11993VFEmbossed cover; Bane appearance; Balent cover$4.00
Chamber of Darkness51970FN/VFH.P. Lovecraft adaptation$18.00
Children of the Voyager11993VFEmbossed glow-in-the-dark cover; Paul Johnson cover$2.00
Chip N Dale301974FN/VF$7.00
Christian11996VFPop Mhan art$1.00
Chuck Norris11987VFDitko art$9.00
Classics Illustrated791964VFSixth edition; Cyrano de Bergerac; HRN 167$11.00
Classics Illustrated251967VFEleventh edition; Two Years before the Mast; HRN 166$8.00
Classics Illustrated481967VFDavid Copperfield; HRN 166; 15-cent cover$8.00
Conan the Barbarian371974VFNeal Adams cover/art; last $.20 issue; does not contain pull out subscription form$16.00
Coven Dark Origins11999VF-w/Lionheart gallery$1.00
Crash Dummies11993VF$1.00
Creech11997VFCapullo story/cover/art (pencils)$1.00
Crisis on Infinite Earths11985VFFirst DC appearance Blue Beetle and Detective Karp from Charlton; Perez cover$10.00
Crisis on Infinite Earths11985VF+First DC appearance Blue Beatle and Detective Karp from Charlton; Perez cover$12.00
Crisis on Infinite Earths31985VFPerez cover$8.00
Crisis on Infinite Earths41985VFPerez cover$8.00
Crisis on Infinite Earths41985VFPerez cover$8.00
Crisis on Infinite Earths51985VF+Perez cover$9.00
Crisis on Infinite Earths51985VF+Perez cover$9.00
Crisis on Infinite Earths71985VFDouble size death of Supergirl; Perez cover$15.00
Crisis on Infinite Earths71985VF+Double size death of Supergirl; Perez cover$18.00
Crisis on Infinite Earths81985VF+Death of the Flash (Barry Allen); Perez cover$17.00
Crisis on Infinite Earths101986VFIntro Charltons Banshee Dr. Spectro, Image, Punch and Jewellee into DC Universe; Starman (Prince Gavyn) dies; Perez cover$8.00
Curse of Rune21995VF+$1.00
Cyberforce251996VF-Wraparound foil cover$1.00
Damage Control11989VF+$1.00
Daredevil1261975VF-1st new Torpedo$12.00
Daredevil1741981FN/VFElektra appearance$13.00
Daredevil1751981FN/VFElektra appearance$13.00
Daredevil1761981VF-Electra appearance$14.00
Daredevil1781982VF-Cage appearance$14.00
Daredevil The Man Without Fear11993VFMiller script; Romita Jr./Williamson cover/art$4.00
Daredevil The Man Without Fear11993VFMiller script; Romita Jr./Williamson cover/art$4.00
Dark Horse Comics121993VF+Begins 2-part Aliens and 3-part Predator stories$1.00
Darkhawk11991VF+Origin and 1st appearance Darkhawk; Hobgoblin cameo$3.00
Darkness11996VFBlack variant cover$9.00
Darkness11996VFBlack variant cover$9.00
Darkness 1/22001VF+Siren edition (no foil); Silvestri cover$8.00
DC Super Stars81976VF1st Space Ranger from Showcase #15; Adam Strange from Mystery in Space #89; Star Rovers from M.I.S. #80$9.00
DC Super Stars 121977FN/VF$7.00
DC versus Marvel 11996VF+Marz script, Jurgens art (pencils); first appearance of Access$3.00
Deadly Foes of Spider-Man11991VFPunisher, Kingpin, Rhino appearance$1.00
Death The High Cost of Living11993VF+Standard edition; Bachalo/Buckingham art; Dave McKean cover; Neil Gaiman script$4.00
Deathmatenn1993VF-Yellow foil cover; Third appearance Ninjak; Thibert cover (inks)$4.00
Defenders of Dynatron City11992VFLucasarts characters$1.00
Demonslayer22000VFInto Hell; regular cover$1.00
Demonslayer32000VFInto Hell; regular cover$1.00
Dennis the Menace711969VF-$9.00
Dennis the Menace741969VF-Dennis the Menace & Mr. Wilson and His Gang at Christmas; Giant size$9.00
Detective Comics4471975VF-$15.00
Detective Comics4481975FN/VF$13.00
Detective Comics4541975FN/VF$13.00
Detective Comics4881980FN/VF$7.00
Detective Comics4891980VF-Robin/Batgirl team up$8.00
Detective Comics4901980FN/VFBlack Lightening begins$7.00
Detective Comics4911980FN/VFInside says number 492$7.00
Detective Comics4921980VF$9.00
Detective Comics4931980FN/VFIntro the Swashbuckler$7.00
Detective Comics4941980VF$9.00
Detective Comics4951980VF$9.00
Detective Comics6601993VFBane cover by Sam Keith$4.00
Detective Comics6611993VF$4.00
Detective Comics7562001VF+Superman Cover/Appearance$1.00
Donald Duck2501987VF-Barks art$9.00
Dracula Vlad The Impaler11993VF+Includes 3 cards$2.00
Droids21986VF+Williamson art (inks)$9.00
Elektra Root of Evil11995VF+$1.00
Elektra Root of Evil31995VF+$1.00
Eternals Annual, The11977VF$7.00
Evil Ernie 1/21997VF+Offered through Wizard 74; includes COA$5.00
Evil Ernie 11998VFPremium edition; Pulido and Nutman story; Brewer art$8.00
Evil Ernie vs The Movie Monsters11997VF+Standard Edition$2.00
Excalibur Mojo Mayhemnn1989VFArt Adams/Austin cover/art$4.00
Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers41980VFFifth printing; $2.00-cover$2.00
Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers61980VF+3rd Printing; $2.00-cover$3.00
Faculty Funnies11989VFThe Awesome Four appearance$1.00
Fantastic Four2331981VF+$4.00
Fantastic Four3691992VF$2.00
Fantastic Four3701992VF$2.00
Fantastic Four3711992VF+All red embossed; second printing$1.00
Fantastic Four3711992VF+All white embossed cover$2.00
Fantastic Four3751993VFDouble-size, holo-grafx foil cover; anniversay issue$4.00
Fantastic Four3771993VF+$1.00
Fantastic Four3801993VF+$1.00
Fantastic Four4101996VF+$2.00
Fantastic Four4111996VFInhumans appearance$2.00
Fantastic Four4131996VF+$2.00
Fantastic Four4141996VF+Galactus versus Hyperstorm$2.00
Fantastic Four4141996VF+Galactus vs. Hyperstorm$2.00
Fantastic Four Unlimited61994VF+Versus Namor$2.00
Fathom122000VFHolofoil cover$6.00
Firearm11993VF+$2.50 cover; James Robinson script; Cully Hamner art; Chaykin cover; 1st appearance Alec Swan; Includes bag and card$1.00
Firearm21993VF+Hardcase appearance; Chaykin cover; Rune flip-cover; story by Barry Smith$2.00
First Adventures11985VF+Blaze Barlow, Whisper & Dynamo Joe$1.00
Flaming Carrot Comics131985VF+$2.00
Flash3241983VF+Death of Reverse Flash (Professor Zoom)$9.00
Flash3501985VF+Double size; final issue$5.00
Flash11987VF+Guice cover/art; New Teen Titans appearance$10.00
Force Works11994VFFold-out pop-up cover; Iron Man, Wonder Man, Spider-Woman, U.S. Agent & Scarlet Witch (new costume)$2.00
Freak Force151995VF+Superpatriot & Mighty Man ; Erik Larsen script; Vanguard appearance$1.00
Freak Force161995VFSuperpatriot & Mighty Man appearance; Erick Larsen script$1.00
Freemind12002VFRegular cover$1.00
Freemind12002VFRegular cover$1.00
Freemind12002VFRegular cover$1.00
Friendly Ghost Casper1431970FN/VF$8.00
Friendly Ghost Casper2371987VF+$3.00
Fury of Firestorm Annual11983VF+$3.00
G-8 and His Battle Aces11991VFGlanzman art; Truman cover; flip book with The Spiders Web #1 on other side with Glanzman art and Truman cover$1.00
Gen 1311994VF+$2.50-cent cover; created by Jim Lee; first printing; includes pin-up and coupon for issue #0.$7.00
Geomancer11994VF-Chromium wraparound cover; Eternal Warrior appearance$1.00
Ghost Rider251992VF+Contains pop-up scene insert.$2.00
Ghost Rider 209921994VF-Bag and poster included$2.00
Ghost Rider Captain America Fearnn1992VFWraparound gatefold cover; Williamson inks$4.00
GI Joe and the Transformers11987VF$9.00
Giant-Size Werewolf31975FN$9.00
Green Arrow12001VF+Oliver Queen returns; Kevin Smith story; Hester art; Wagner painted cover$12.00
Green Lantern Special11988VF$3.00
Grifter Shi21996VF+Bill Tucci cover/art (pencils); Travis Charest art (pencils)$1.00
Grimm Fairy Tales Presents Dark Queen2014VF+Cover A; Stjepan Sejic cover$6.00
Grimm Fairy Tales Presents Oz12013VF+Cover C; Eric Basaldua cover$1.00
Grimm Fairy Tales Presents Oz22013VF+Cover A; Ken Lashley cover$1.00
Grimm Fairy Tales Presents Oz22013VF+Cover D; Ale Garza cover$1.00
Grimm Fairy Tales Presents Sleepy Hollow12012VFCover A; Stjepan Sejic cover$1.00
Grimm Fairy Tales Presents Sleepy Hollow32012VFCover A; Eric J cover$1.00
Grimm Fairy Tales Presents Sleepy Hollow42013VF+Cover A; Eric J cover$1.00
Grimm Fairy Tales Presents Wonderland352015NMCover A by Mike Krome$3.00
Grimm Fairy Tales Presents Wonderland Down the Rabbit Hole12013VF+Cover A; Anthony Spay cover$1.00
Grimm Fairy Tales Presents Zombies The Cursed32013VF+Cover A; Drew Andrew Johnson cover$4.00
Grimm Fairy Tales The Dream Eater Saga72011VF+Cover A; Basaldua/Rodriguez cover; Myths & Legends$1.00
Grimm Fairy Tales Valentines Day Specialnn2013VFCover A by Jimbo Salgado$4.00
Grimm Fairy Tales Valentines Day Specialnn2013VFCover B by Franchesco$4.00
Grimm Universe12012VFCover A; Giusseppe Cafaro cover; First appearance (two pages) of The Being, in veiled/shadow form$1.00
Guardians of the Galaxy11990VFValentino cover/art (pencils)$11.00
Hawkman432005VFSigned by Jimmy Palmiotti with COA from Comic Utopia$10.00
Hawkworld11989VF+Prestige format; Tim Truman story and art; Hawkman dons new costume; reintro Byth$3.00
Hercules Unbound91977VF$6.00
Hercules Unbound101977VF+Atomic Knights crossover$7.00
Heroes for Hope Starring the X-Men11985VF-Stephen King scripts; Byrne, Miller, Corben art; Wrightson/J. Jones art; Art Adams cover; Starlin back cover; proceeds for the book were donated to famine relief$5.00
Heroes Reborn 1/21996VFMail-in from Wizard Magazine No. 61; COA not included; regular edition$5.00
Holiday Parade11990-91VF+Reprints 1947 Firestone by Barks plus new art$3.00
Huckleberry Hound & Quick Draw McGraw Giant Size Flip Book11993VF+$1.00
Hulk12003VFWal-Mart Edition$4.00
Hulk12003VFWal-Mart Edition$4.00
Hulk12003VFWal-Mart Edition$4.00
Hulk12003VF+Wal-Mart Edition$4.00
Hulk12003VF+Wal-Mart Edition$4.00
Hundred Penny Press Transformers Classicsnn2011VF+$1.00
I Love You991972VFDavid Cassidy pin-up$10.00
Iceman42002VF+Abnett and Lanning story/Kerschl art$1.00
Incredible Hulk1761974VF-Warlock cameo$12.00
Incredible Hulk2321979VF$4.00
Incredible Hulk4291995VF+$1.00
Independence Day01996VF+Special edition photo cover$3.00
Infinity Crusade11993VF+By Jim Starlin & Ron Lim$4.00
Insane Clown Posse11999VF+Regular cover$4.00
Iron Man291970FN/VF$18.00
Iron Man311970FN/VF$15.00
Iron Man491972FN/VFSuper-Adaptoid appearance$13.00
Iron Man671973VFLast 20-cent issue$14.00
Iron Man691974FN/VFMandarin, Yellow Claw & Ultimo appearance$11.00
Iron Man751975VF+Black Lama & Yellow Claw appearance$12.00
Iron Man801975FN/VFOrigin of Black Lama$8.00
Iron Man811975FN/VFBlack Lama & Firebrand appearance$8.00
Iron Man871976VF-Regular 25-cent edition; Origin Blizzard$9.00
Iron Man881976FN/VFRegular 25-cent edition; Brief Thanos cameo$8.00
Iron Man891976VF-Daredevil appearance; last 25-cent cover$9.00
Iron Man1431981FN/VFFirst appearance Sunturion$4.00
Iron Man1531981VFLiving Laser appearance$4.00
Iron Man1601982VFSerpent Squad appearance$4.00
Iron Man1611982VF+Moon Knight appearance$4.00
Iron Man1621982VF$4.00
Iron Man2981993VF+Return of Ultimo$1.00
Iron Man121998VF+Hulk appearance$2.00
Iron Man Annual41977FN-The Champions (w/Ghost Rider) appearance; Newton art (inks)$5.00
JLX11996VFMark Waid scripts$1.00
Jonny Quest51986VFDave Stevens cover$4.00
Jonny Quest51986VF+Dave Stevens cover$4.00
Jungle Twins171975FN/VF$5.00
Jurassic Strike Force 542012VF+Cover B; Pasquale Qualano cover$1.00
Just Married851972VF+$9.00
Justice Inc. (first series)21975VF+Kirby cover/Kirby art (pencils)$13.00
Justice League Quarterly21991VF$1.00
Justice League Special11990VFGiffen plots$2.00
Kamandi The Last Boy on Earth41973FN/VFIntro Prince Tuftan of the Tigers$18.00
Kamandi The Last Boy on Earth61973VF-$15.00
Kamandi The Last Boy on Earth71973VF-$15.00
Kamandi The Last Boy on Earth81973FN/VF$13.00
Kamandi The Last Boy on Earth91973FN/VF$13.00
Kamandi The Last Boy on Earth101973FN/VF$13.00
Kamandi The Last Boy on Earth141974VF-$13.00
Kamandi The Last Boy on Earth161974FN/VF$12.00
Kamandi The Last Boy on Earth171974FN/VF$12.00
Kamandi The Last Boy on Earth241974VF-Last 20-cent issue$11.00
Kazar the Savage11981VF$3.00
Kid Eternity91994VF+Sean Phillips cover/art$1.00
King Conan41980VF-Death of Thoth Amon$2.00
Kingdom Come11996VF+Mark Waid script and Alex Ross painted cover/art; tells the last days of the DC Universe; 1st appearance Magog$7.00
Kiss Psycho Circus11997VF+First printing; Holguin story; Medina art (pencils)$7.00
Lady Death 1/21994VF+Hughes cover/art$4.00
Lady Pendragon11999VF+Variant Dorian cover; Matt Hawkins story; Stinsman art$4.00
Legend of the Shield11991VF$2.00
Legends of the Worlds Finest11994VFSimonson script; Brereton cover/art; embossed foil logos$4.00
LEGION Annual11990VFGiffen plots/breakdowns$3.00
Legion of Stupid Heroes11987VF$1.00
Legionnaires431996VF+Legion tryouts; reintro Princess Projectra, Shadow Lass & others$1.00
Little Lotta Foodland221970FN/VF$11.00
Lobo Annual21994VFTwenty-one artists (twenty listed on cover); Alan Grant script$2.00
Losers Special11985VFCaptain Storm, Gunner and Sarge; Crisis on Infinite Earth Crossover $4.00
Lost in Space Special Edition11992VF$1.00
Love and Romance41972FN/VF$8.00
Love and Romance71972VF-$9.00
Love and Romance71972VF-$9.00
Magneto and the Magnetic Men11996VF+Jeff Matsuda art (pencils)$1.00
Man of Rust11986VF$1.00
Man of Steel11986VF+Regular Cover; Byrne cover/art/script; origin$5.00
Man of Steel31986VFIntro and origin Magpie; Batman cover/story$5.00
Man Thing11979VF$8.00
Man Thing61980VF+$4.00
Man Thing71980VF$4.00
Marc Spector Moon Knight401992VF+$1.00
Married with Children 11990VF-First printing$1.00
Married with Children 11990VFFirst printing$1.00
Married with Children 11990VF+First printing$1.00
Married with Children 11990VFFirst printing$1.00
Marvel Classics Comics241977VFShe$5.00
Marvel Comics Presents21988VF+$4.00
Marvel Fanfare11996VFCaptain America & The Falcon cover/story; Deathlok appearance$1.00
Marvel Milestone Edition: Iron Fist141992VF+$7.00
Marvel Movie Showcase Featuring Star Wars21982VF$5.00
Marvel Super-Heroes21990VF+Summer Special$2.00
Marvel Super-Heroes61991VFSummer Special; Volume 2$2.00
Marvel Super-Heroes61991VFSummer Special; Volume 2$2.00
Marvel Super-Heroes71991VF+Fall Special; Volume 2$2.00
Marvel Super-Heroes71991VF+Fall Special; Volume 2$2.00
Marvel Team-Up541977VF+Hulk; Woodgod appearance$7.00
Marvel Team-Up711978FN/VFFalcon$3.00
Marvel Team-Up961980VFHoward the Duck; last 40-cent issue$3.00
Marvel Two-In-One361977VF+$5.00
Marvel Two-In-One471979VF-$3.00
Masked Rider11996VF(Sabans)$1.00
Master of Kung Fu1241983VF+$2.00
Metallix02003VF+Origin; Ron Lim art$1.00
Meteor Man The Movie11993VF-Movie adaptation$1.00
Micronauts261981VFNick Fury appearance$2.00
Millennium11987VFEnglehart story; Staton cover/art (pencils)$2.00
Millennium Edition Mad #1nn2000VF$2.00
Millennium Edition Mad #1nn2000VF+$2.00
Mister Miracle221978VF+$7.00
Mister Miracle231978VF-$7.00
Moon Knight11980VFPartial origin$8.00
Moon Knight31981VF-$2.00
More Than Mortal Otherworlds11999VFRegular painted cover by Firchow$1.00
Mortal Kombat Kitana and Mileena11995VF+$1.00
Mr Lizard Annual11993VFIncludes Ralph Snart Capsule$1.00
Mystery in Space1121980VF-$7.00
Mystic Comics 70th Anniversary Special12009VF+New story of The Vision$3.00
New Gods51984VF+New Kirby cover$3.00
New Gods61984VF48 pages of new Kirby story & art; leads into DC Graphic Novel #4$8.00
New Kids on the Block Chillin31991VF+$2.00
New Mutants41983VF$3.00
New Mutants131984VF-$1.00
New Mutants231985VF+Cloak and Dagger appearance$2.00
New Mutants271985VF-$1.00
New Mutants291985VF$2.00
New Mutants341985VF+$2.00
New Mutants341985VF+$2.00
New Mutants341985VF+$2.00
New Mutants351986VF+Magneto introduced as new headmaster$2.00
New Mutants411986VF$2.00
New Mutants421986VF+$2.00
New Mutants451986VF-$1.00
New Mutants461986VF+$2.00
New Mutants471987VF$2.00
New Mutants481987VF$2.00
New Mutants531987VF+$2.00
New Mutants661988VF$2.00
New Mutants671988VF$2.00
New Mutants741989VF$2.00
New Mutants761989VFX-Factor & X-Terminator appearance$2.00
New Mutants881990VF2nd appearance Cable$6.00
New Mutants901990VFNew costumes$4.00
New Mutants931990VFCable vs. Wolverine$4.00
New Mutants971991VFWolverine & Cable cover$4.00
New Mutants, The421986VF+$3.00
New Mutants, The431986VFPortacio inks$3.00
New Mutants, The541987VF+$3.00
New Talent Showcase11984VF$1.00
New Teen Titans161982VF-First appearance Captain Carrot (free 16-page preview)$3.00
New Teen Titans Annual11982VFOmega Men appearance$6.00
New Teen Titans Annual11985FN/VFIntro Vanguard$1.00
Nexus Nightmare in Blue11997VF+Adam Hughes cover$1.00
Night Man11993VF+Regular cover; Rune flip cover/story by Barry Windsor Smith$2.00
Nova11994VF+Collectors edition wih gold foil cover; new Nova costume$3.00
Obnoxio The Clown11983VFVs. the X-Men$3.00
Pete the POd Postal Worker51998VF+$1.00
Phantom Stranger311974VF-The Black Orchid begins$15.00
Phantom Stranger341974FN/VF1974/75; Last 20 cent issue$9.00
Phantom Stranger21987VF-Mignola/Russell cover/art; Eclipso appearance$2.00
Phantom Stranger21987VF+Mignola/Russell cover/art & Eclipso appearance$3.00
Pirate Club12004VF$1.00
Porky Pig1091984VF-#90140 on cover, no date or date code; June 1984, low print run$12.00
Power Girl11988FN/VF$1.00
Power Man and Iron Fist621980VF+$6.00
Psylocke and Archangel Crimson Dawn21997VF+Raab story; Larroca art (pencils)$2.00
Punisher191989VF+Stroman cover/art$2.00
Punisher Back to School Special21993VF+$2.00
Punisher POV11991VF+Starlin script & Wrightson painted cover/art$4.00

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Phone number ✆ +1 573-340-6741

Berkeley, Missouri

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