1.00 $ JDM Acura Honda Nissan Mazda Subaru Toyota Lexus Engine Motor Trans Auburn

Published date: May 14, 2024
  • Location: Auburn, Kansas, United States

JDM Acura Honda Nissan Mazda Subaru Toyota Lexus Engine Motor Trans

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Here at JDM Engine Corp, we sell used Imported JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) Gasoline & Diesel Engines, Transmissions, Front End, Wheels, Seats and some other Auto Parts which are Directly Imported from Japan with estimated Mileage on Engines & Transmission 40-65K and around 85K Miles on Diesel engines, we offer start up warranty on engines and transmission 14 - 60 days depending on which engine or trans is purchased.
You can place your order over the phone ver datos contacto or on our web site (www.jdmenginescorp.com) or in person

JDM Engine Corp
1315 Exchange Drive
Richardson TX 75081
Tel: ver datos contacto

we are open Mon-Fri 9 AM - 6 PM and Saturdays on Appointments Only & Sundays Closed!

Honda Engines:
Honda d17a
Honda b20b
Honda b20z
Honda d15b
Honda d16a
Honda b16a
Honda b16b
Honda b18c
Honda gsr
Honda type r
Honda k20a
Honda b18b
Honda dc2
Honda dc5
Honda d17a1
Honda d17a2
Honda c32a
Honda c35a
Honda j30a
Honda j32a
Honda j35a
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Honda motor
Honda engines
Honda motors
Honda f23a
Honda f23a1
Honda trans
Honda transmission
Honda tranny
acura engine
acura motor
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Honda civic engine
Honda accord engine
Honda crv engine
acura integra engine

Nissan Engines:

sr20det s13
sr20det s14
sr20det s15
240sx engine
Nissan silvia
Nissan skyline
Nissan r32
Nissan r33 engine
Nissan r34 engine
Nissan r32 engine
Nissan Altima engine
Nissan sentra engine
Nissan qr20
Nissan qr25
qr20 engine
qr25 engine
350z engine
infiniti g35 engine
Nissan rb20det
Nissan rb25det
Nissan rb26dett
Nissan vg33
Nissan vg33e
Nissan mr20
Nissan qg18

Mazda Engines:

13b rotary
rx8 engine
rx7 engine
mazda rx8
mazda rx7
mazda kl engine
mazda klze
mazda kl-ze
mazda 13btt
mazda 13b turbo
mazda fs engine
mazda l3 engine
mazda lf engine
mazda miata engine
mazda mx5 engine
mazda b6 engine
mazda bp engine
mazda roadster engine
mazda3 engine
mazda5 engine
mazda6 engine
mazda 323 engine
mazda kf engine

Toyota Engines:

Toyota engine
Toyota motor
Toyota aristo
gs300 engine
lexus gs300 engine
Toyota turbo engine
Toyota corolla engine
Toyota camry engine
Toyota sienna engine
1mz-fe engine
1mzfe engine
1uz engine
3uz engine
ls400 engine
ls430 engine
lexus ls430
lexus ls400
1uz vvti
3uz vvti
celica engine
Toyota 2zz engine
Toyota 1zz engine
celica gts
celica gt-four
lexus rx300 engine

Subaru engines:

Subaru wrx engine
Subaru impreza engine
Subaru legacy engine
Subaru outback engine
Subaru forester engine
Subaru sti engine
ej205 engine
ej206 engine
ej208 engine
ej20k engine
ej20 sti engine
sj20 na engine
ej20t engine
ej201 engine
ej251 engine
ej203 engine
ej20x engine
forester engine
legacy engine
impresa engine
wrx sti engine
wrx engine
Subaru turbo engine
ez30 engine
eg33 engine
Subaru v6 engine
ej25 engine

Mitsubishi engine
evolution engine
evo engine
evo 4 engine
evo 5 engine
evo 6 engine
evolution 4
evolution 5
evolution 6
4g63t engine
6g72 engine
6g72tt engine
vr4 engine
3000gt engine
6g74 engine
Montero engine
6a13 twin turbo engine
Mitsubishi twin turbo engine

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Phone number ✆ +1 785-444-8013

Auburn, Kansas

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